KaleidoSculpture™ is an entirely new concept in art and sculpture. It fuses kaleidoscope theory - multiple, duplicated, single-plane symmetrical images placed at opposing angles - with color theory, bringing to life a three-dimensional, interactive kaleidoscope effect that uniquely mimics and complements its surroundings. The philosophy of our art is to involve the viewer in a fun, esthetic and accessible kinetic interaction. As a viewer walks by a KaleidoSculpture™, a drastic visual change occurs as the pieces change perspective, creating a sense of vibrant color and darting movement. This encourages the viewer to examine the piece from additional angles and explore the endless stories it has to tell. Each KaleidoSculpture™ is unique and specifically designed for its environment, taking shapes and colors from its surroundings.

KaleidoSculpture™ is a co-creation between Michael Linsley and Ron Foster.


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