Welcome to the Linsley Studios home page! Our team (pictured here) consists of Michael and Nancy Linsley, ceramic artists with decades of experience as working artists. We work with multiple firing and glazing types to create a wide variety of architectural, functional and fine art projects. Luna, our dog is Head of Studio Security, of course.

This website is dedicated to some of our fine art ceramic work, including lamps, platters, teapots and more. It represents only a fraction of our work but we hope it will spark a conversation and interest. If we can dream it, we can make it!

To learn more about our architectural art and
Kaleidosculpture installations click on the icon below

Contact Us

We work at our studio in the foothills above Boulder, Colorado and welcome visitors by appointment.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss any projects at:

T: (949) 338-7436 or E: [email protected]

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